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Company Profile


Weitronic Co. Ltd was founded in 1988. Our main products are various kinds of PCB, communicating connectors, high speed connector and Mini-Power /Power Combo connector. In 2001, we started to build the factory in China.  For 13 years, we’ve developed the professional connector techniques and equipment, including injection molding, stamping and automatic assembly line.



We are devoted to offering high-quality products and service to meet customers’ expectation and needs. Weitronic makes use of the most three important resources: professional personnel, mature skills and automatic production capability, in order to provide our customers with the highest-grade products.


In the fast-developing and intensively competitive electronic market, we firmly believe only insisting on “quality and quantity control” can we provide the best quality to satisfy customers.


To adapt to the development of the age and the diversity of customers’ demands, we’ll try our best to become the “world-class-high-quality” connector manufacturer, examine the whole process of the production, and ensure the reliability of high quality and our products.


Innovation of skills is the key to the success of Weitronic. Our R&D team are dedicated to developing new PITCH, SMT, and heat-resistant connectors to meet the demand of ever-changing personal computers.


Our R&D team has extensively practical experiences of products, plastic, hardware mold design, manufacturing and automation of procedures.


Our various connectors are produced by the factory in China and completed by the cooperation with the world-class manufacturers in Taiwan.


The products are widely used to make computer systems (desktop or portable), computer peripherals, telecommunications systems, high-speed message transmission, mobile area, and industrial devices. Weitronic can provide you with instant, low-cost products, and every solution for product quality you may need.



Located in Shenzhen subprovincial city in Guangdong, belonging to Taiwan Weitronic, founded in 2001.

7000 of the floor space

        Owning precision machinery for injection molding and stamping, and a variety of automatic, semiautomatic assembly line

        Equipped with various precision inspection devices

        Having professional and well-trained technicians and operators with practical experiences

1.      W.E. strictly enforces ISO9001:2008, meeting the requirement of QC system.

2.  Our purchased materials meets the demand of the environment protections, such as REACH, ROHS.

3.  W.E. is preparing to enforce TS16949.

Our Products Are Used in Making Cars, Airplanes, Heavy Industry, Communication Systems and Computers.



         PCB Male Header  and Female socket of a variety of PITCH

         Europe DIN41612

         2.0mm pitch Future bus and 2.0mm Hardmetric

         IDC /Plug Cable connector

         Wire to Board connector

         Micro-Match connector,1.27mm pitch

         D-Sub Coaxial / Power Connector

         Edge Card connector

         Mini Jumper

  New Products in 2013

         High Speed Connector

         Mini Power Connector

         Power/Signal Combo Connector

         SFP Connector and SPF Cages

         A variety of customized products and solutions



The factory is equipped with precision machinery.

                Stamping Dept.: 1 set of drawing machine, 6 sets of pin machine,

                     6 sets of row pin machine, 12 sets of punching machine

                 Injection Molding Dept.: 9 sets of horizontal injection molding machine, 2 sets of vertical injection molding machine

                 Molding Room: 3 sets of milling machine, 1 set of lathe, 6 sets of grinding machine, 3 sets of wire E.D.M

                 Production Dept.:

       Pin Header: 22 sets of automatic pin insertion machine, 100 sets of semiautomatic pin insertion machine, 4 sets of automatic covering machine, 4 sets of punching machine

       Female Header: 20 sets of automatic assembly line, 120 sets of semiautomatic machine, 5 sets of punching machine

       Package: 8 sets of automatic reel packing machine

        About 200 sets of precision stamping mold

        11 sets of automatic high-speed punching machine

        Presently we can completely and self-sufficiently various types of wire diameter of terminals, such as square pins 0.3/ 0.4/ 0.5/ 0.60/ 0.64/1.14, or round wire 0.4/ 0.5 .

        6 sets of automatic pin machines, 3 sets of automatic strip PIN punching machine, which can meet the requirement of any spec and length which customers demand

        Precision grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine, lathe, wire cut E.D.M, and so on. These equipments guarantee the instant production of jigs.

        Independent R&D automatic assembly inspection machine

        Any type of assembly machines

        Automatic PIN-cut machine, assembly machine, packer




The laboratory is well-equipped, which can meet the requirement of any reliable tests. (e.g. pressureproof and insulation resistance test, temperature rising test, salt spray test, constant temperature and humidity test, and so on)


         Equipment for Inspection:

The factory is equipped with any type of equipment and devices for inspection, which guarantees the capability of product inspection. (e.g. plating , insertion-withdrawal force, SMT coplanarity and network analyzer)



In the increasingly competitive market, we always put the quality in the first place, growing and developing with customers with reasonable prices and quick but excellent service.


Main Products

Connectors,Headers, FPC/FFC connector, D-Sub Connector, Future Bus Connectors,USB Connector, Hard Metric Connectors, Board to Board connector, Female Header, Pin Header, Mini Jumper, PLCC Socket, I.C. Socket, Dip Switch, IDC Header, Edge Card Slot, IDC Plug & Socket, Wire to P.C.B Interconnection

Supplier Information

Weitronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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6F-9, No. 16, Lane. 609, Sec. 5, Chongxin Rd.,SanChong Dist., New Taipei City 241,Taiwan
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